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A new standard

We are on a mission to reduce the harmful effects of vehicle emissions on air quality and climate change in an accessible, transparent and accountable way.

Cities and towns around the world are suffering from dangerous levels of poor quality air. Cars are not clean enough. The policies being considered by cities and governments are unlikely to achieve results quickly enough. We want to change that.


The new AIR (Allow Independent Road-Testing) alliance is promoting the voluntary adoption of an independent on-road vehicle emissions test and rating system that will deliver immediate results.

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There is no association between AIR and Euro NCAP or any of its members.


Our Mission

AIR seeks to cut through the politics, the controversy and the commercial conflict to deliver the right results.

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Call to Action

Vehicle emissions are a major contributor to public concerns over air quality and climate change.

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AIR has been established by the founder of Emissions Analytics, Nick Molden, and Massimo Fedeli of Fair Play Consulting.

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