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Together we CAN reduce the harmful effects of NOx vehicle emissions on air quality and climate change NOW

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Cities and towns around the world are suffering dangerous levels of poor quality air. We should be using the cleanest cars available to address this, but it’s hard to make choices with so many confusing messages about vehicle emissions. Cities and governments need to create policies which will quickly improve air quality and minimise the impact on road users. We can make that change. The AIR (Allow Independent Road-testing) alliance has developed The AIR Index, an independent on-road vehicle emissions test and rating system to help consumers, policy makers and fleet managers make informed choices about vehicles. This website explains how the AIR alliance is working to improve air quality in cities and town worldwide. Join us as we offer a solution that can deliver results NOW. There is no association between AIR and EuroNCAP or any of its members.


About AIR

Discover our story and the global panel of scientists and organisations guiding and supporting AIR.

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The AIR Index

See how we rate cars from A (the best) to E (the worst) to help you make the right car choice.

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Explore how joining the AIR alliance today can revolutionise an improvement in air quality.

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