Our Mission

The world needs a global solution to the current vehicle emissions crisis

The world needs a global solution to the current vehicle emissions crisis.

In the wake of ‘Dieselgate’, levels of public and political trust in regulated automotive testing are at an all-time low. The lack of reliable and genuinely independent information is fuelling a public policy debate that is seldom founded on factual and credible evidence.

We need to work together to achieve the right solution to reduce the negative impacts of vehicle emissions.

AIR seeks to cut through the politics, the controversy and the commercial conflict to deliver the right results that work best for consumers, policy makers and industry.

That’s why AIR is pushing for a prompt and cost-effective approach to emissions that can also immediately address the diesel NOx emissions crisis, and do so in an accessible, transparent and accountable way.

AIR is also the only global initiative that provides a comprehensive and immediate response.

Our Solution

Our Solution

Our solution is an existing independent on-road vehicle test and rating system

Our solution is an existing independent on-the-road vehicle test and rating system, providing credible data on emissions that is transparent and available to everyone.

Complete emissions data from a four-hour on-road test using portable emissions measurement equipment categorises each vehicle based upon an identical test.

Car models are ranked into eight categories: A being the cleanest, to H being the worst emitter.



The testing system covers both new and old car models and will be able to show the effectiveness of any retrofitting action by car manufactures. Until now, there has been little incentive for car makers to invest in improving the existing fleet.

The rating system is based on testing and data by Emissions Analytics, an established independent leader in the measurement of on-road vehicle emissions with testing facilities in the UK, Germany and the United States.

What Will It Achieve?

What Will It Achieve?

The rating system will:

Enable consumers to make the right choices in the cars they buy – new and used

Empower city policy makers to develop robust, fair and effective policies to help them improve air quality in the short and long term for the health of their communities


Enable carmakers to regain consumer trust by competing effectively to deliver cleaner cars with independent verification of their achievements

Our Inspiration – Tried And Tested

Our Inspiration – Tried And Tested

AIR’s inspiration is NCAP – the New Car Assessment Programme – an independent vehicle-safety rating system developed in the US in the 1970s. It became the industry standard for vehicle safety in the EU and around the world.

The programme held automakers accountable for their safety performance, resulting in a voluntary adoption of technologies that led to safer vehicles as a means to differentiate their models in the market place to remain competitive. In time, this process incentivised car manufacturers to develop ever more innovative solutions to increase safety standards as a means to differentiate their models in the market place.

NCAP is to safety what AIR could be to emissions.

AIR uses this framework as an inspiration. This tried and trusted method can be used now to reduce the harmful impact of vehicle emissions.

What Makes Air Different?

What Makes AIR Different?

The benefits of the independent, on-road vehicle emissions test and rating system that AIR provides are that it is:

COMPARABLE: Based on the most thorough assessment of on-road driving conditions enabling genuine comparability between vehicle models, makes and manufacturers, both new and old

ACCESSIBLE: Data is publicly available, transparent and free of charge

STANDARDISED: Will provide one standardised methodology and data set across all markets and regions providing a truly global rating system

INDEPENDENT: The most comprehensive, independently endorsed, data available in the market place

IMMEDIATE: Available now